United Muslim Christian Forum, Ambassador For Peace Appeal to President Obama

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Particularly, when you greet us with “As Salaamu Alaikum,” this is a clear signal that the process of winning the hearts of the Muslim world is taking place. Your aim will surely be achieved, provided your keeps up your efforts, and remain in touch with the Muslim/Christian groups striving for unity in the world.

I, Muhammad Hussein Adams, from the United Muslim Christian Forum, appointee declared by prominent organizations as an Ambassador for peace, would like to extend our works by keeping up with the Muslim/Christian effort. On behalf of the Muslims in America, I thank you, Mr. President. Please keep up the good work, and we look forward, with hope, that you will take us in that direction which reaches out to the world in the most effective of ways.

Our rescue relief teams were on hand to assist during the crisis of September 11, the tsunami in Indonesia, Hurricane Katrina, etc., and our scouts spent many months doing relief work in Southeast Asia and other countries. Not only do we keep up the Islamic spirit, but the American spirit as well, showing kindness and mercy to all who need it, regardless of religious affiliation. We uphold the cause of Almighty God. Mankind is the family of God. And we are His children. We have not been brainwashed in this regard –whatever we can do, we will do, to assist humanity. Even now American Muslims have donated seven large size tents for the internally displaced people (IDP) in the Northwest of Pakistan.

We appeal to you once again that, as a world power of significant influence, that you extend every resource for the bloodshed in Northern Pakistan to come to an end. Pakistanis do not hate the American people. It is our mutual enemy that does whatever it can to exploit Muslim/Christian differences, with no end –whereas the truth of the matter is that there is more than unites us than separates us.

The world is entering a very crucial period in its history—a time when the decisions of its leaders will have resounding repercussions into the future, particularly with respect to Muslim-Christian unity. It is a source of great pride and an untold blessing that our body of believers has been graced with the most excellent guide, Sultan Mohyuddin Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani.

Thirteen years ago, on the 13th of Shaban, 1416 A.H./January 5, 1996, he sent us a special prayer from the treasure chest of the family of the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him). This was in preparation for the night of the 15th of Sha’ban, the night of the writing of destiny, an annual occasion that the believers spend in prayer. This particular year, in Islamville, South Carolina, as those present waited, the moment the fax machine began receiving this blessed prayer, the miracles started happening and continue to this day. The jammed paper in the fax machine came out pristinely clear, a perfect rain appeared in the ceiling (without any human/agent of nature causing it) and, further, the name of Almighty God, Allah, and that of His Messenger (countless blessings be upon him) appeared on the wall, in Arabic letters, in layered brilliant rainbow colors.

People became overwhelmed. Afterwards, we raised and constructed a shrine which holds the gate of Ibrahim, Muhammad, Musa, and Jesus, son of Mary, (peace be upon them both) During the month of Ramadan every year same thing happens –rainbows appear which are signs of salvation and ultimate success. We have informed as many as we can of this, and invite all to come and see for themselves. Hundreds have came, have seen and have borne witness to the same; and we are not involved in any evil.

The United States of America is the only country where Islam can reach all people. Here we are blessed with a land where we can exercise our freedoms and rights, raise our families, live in peace, and practice our religion relatively unhindered. However, this hate campaign, within our own borders, against the American Muslims, must come to an end. This campaign is an integral part of the nefarious scheme to bring this nation to its knees by those who have no love for humanity. Now that you have made this noble gesture towards the Muslims and the Muslim world, in this most unequivocal message of tolerance and understanding, we call upon you, Mr. President, to look now to the Muslims within America and extend the same hand of friendship and thus strengthen our bonds of unity so that our nation can weather successfully the turbulent times ahead.